Why Positive Micro-Influence creates Positive Macro-Impact for your Brand with Value Marketing

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Every business has the chance to drive positive change and everyone has a real voice to create positive influence for the topics that matter the most — to create a more sustainable future. It’s up to us to team up and built a global choir with especially those voices that should be louder and those who are loud already to provide guidance, leadership and tools towards creating real impact with innovative technologies, products, services and business models. Learn here why you should start matching your brands values with positive micro-influencers, that are reflecting your values and understand how they can help you to increase your sales using the right tools supporting their positive influence, and embracing the power of your value marketing strategy while teaming up with you and others. 

Value Marketing is about people’s values and their positive impact

When it comes to a new leadership role in business, especially evolving and traditional companies are taking a huge responsibility to create positive impact for a sustainable world. But as every business is there to make business, we’re entering a field of tension and potential misalignment, leading us to the question how we can create value driven impact rather than simply selling products.

One thing doesn’t have to exclude the other if the right reasons are aligned with each other. Many positive impact brands are popping up, cleary adding their and their customers values and demands for sustainability as a user-centric pull modell to the business. Or in other words, if the customers are asking for sustainable products and services, value marketing is key to identify those needs and align them with your companies mission and vision. 

Many good examples out there are doing business for the good, shaping the future of our economy by taking immediate action to make a change. Einhorn Condoms from Berlin are unfucking the economy as they claim, by not playing by the traditional rules: “We are tired of complaining about unsustainable, harmful, greedy and ugly products and as entrepreneurs we only have one choice: Do a better job ourselves.” 

Never underestimate the positive impact of a single person

Following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, young and value driven entrepreneurs, creators and influencers are offering products and services reflecting their values towards those common goals, focusing on positive impact rather than on pure revenue. 

Value marketing plays an important role in that, combining many different aspects of your business and aligns them to a clear message for your clients and promoters — do business for positive impact, because your customers want to be that positive impact. The common denominator are the values that you share, to make that change happen. And this affects every single person that has a choice and a voice to create positive impact with his or hers actions. 

When Lauren Singer started writing about her Zero Waste lifestyle couple of years ago, she was intrinsically driven by the idea of changing the world by making it plastic free, but she was also far away from the how to achieve that. Lauren popularized the zero waste movement with her voice and actions over the years through her blog and became a single individual expert on all waste topics across the US. In that time, she also founded Simply Co., an organic, vegan laundry detergent company, before she opened her first Zero Waste Store in New York which became the global icon for the Zero Waste Movement.  From a single voice to a huge choir of positive impact followers that make noise loud enough to get global attention, Lauren can proudly answer the question on how do we measure their success, that “we like to look at the overall impact of the products we are selling. since opening we’ve kept over 4 million plastic straws, over 3 million plastic bags and over 1.5 million non-recyclable bottles and cups out of landfill, to name a few.”

Team-up for positivity that overcomes every obstacle

Success is not the path to happiness, happiness is the path to success — taking those wise words in account, you radically should focus on positivity in all aspects of your companies and brands activity. Let positivity be reflected in your company's values, mission and vision to make a positive impact and only work with people that are reflecting these values. Building your own positive influencers salesforce can help you shaping your brands identity as well as driving your on- and offline sales for the good. 

And we are fully able to go this path as a team by using existing tools to create additional ways with technologies to make positive teamwork systematic at scale. While focussing more and more of the time and energy on enabling people, brands and companies to team-up and create a better future together through business, we believe that positivity is the core value element of future marketing and social selling activities for each company and brand — also for your project. 

Get in touch with us if you want to learn how we can create value for your brand and join our movement #up2us, the network that connects brands and influencers to create positive impact on a performance-basis.

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