Top 5 Social Selling Trends for 2020

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It can never be too early to discuss new formats, challenges and ways of engaging customers to make 2020 an exciting time ahead to work with social selling in e-commerce. Here's our roadmap for navigating and thriving your business through the latest trends in social selling. 

1. Humanize your sales

People should have a real voice in your brands e-commerce, a place where real humans are connected to each to have real conversations, rather than to anonymous bots and algorithms. This next evolutionary stage of e-commerce requires human participation to match the customers needs and demands online and exactly where it matters the most — in your brand's shop. The influence of the right seller goes further than just creating interest through content or influencing for a specific need or product. It is fading into emotional driven social sales by building up a strong relationship to and engagement with your customer.

2. Sellers as a Service 

Turn your followers into your sellers! When it comes to acquiring new customers through classic influencer marketing, the magic mostly outside your product or checkout page. The real engaging experience towards a final purchase decision for your brand's products ends, where the customer journey should actually start: in the social channels. So why don’t you bridge the social channel with your brands shop and turn your followers and influencers into social sellers, doing the job for you — from entry to checkout.

3. Use Micro-Influencer 

Micro-Influencers are classified as having between one to ten thousand followers that pay attention to their content. The most important feature of a micro-influencer is the close relationship they form with their followers, which in turn, connects and relates deeply with them. This automatically builds trust and generates more worthwhile conversations and interactions — or let’s call social selling superpower.

4. Build your own salesforce 

Integrate micro-influencers and their content directly into your shop, by letting them become a personalized and scalable salesforce matched directly to your products and your brand’s values? Take advantage of their focused reach and expertise to quickly humanize your online sales. You will benefit from the individualized touch of real people while maintaining full control in real time of your most important business metrics such as revenue and conversions. Consequently, this goes well beyond connecting your brand with the right audience through micro-influencers. 

5. Trust Sales Technology 

You’ll need the right scalable tools to give you full control over who is selling what and when without limiting you to one single campaign or one influencer alone. With social selling tools for e-commerce like Frekkls you can integrate those micro-influencers and their content directly into your shop, built a large salesforce with them and seamlessly bridge their social power with your store to increase conversions and sales for any kind of product and business. In this way, digital selling becomes sales-as-a-service, turning your social selling approach into a measurable, scalable and completely new sales channel.

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