5 Tips to increase your online sales by humanizing your e-commerce website

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If you’re like me you’ve probably received lots of advice and read tons of articles promising to increase your online store’s revenues, conversions and sales by just following a simple set of rules or tips. And while some of them might have worked for you, others may have had no impact at all, leaving you to ask yourself why your e-commerce site still isn’t performing as well as expected.

In a saturated e-commerce market full of smart tools and services promising to increase your numbers, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between what’s really useful for your brand and what’s just hype. Navigating through the many alternatives can be a boring and frustrating experience, and most of the options out there don’t address the need for real engagement between your brand and your customers — it is time for a new holistic approach to e-commerce.

1. Offer a Human Touch

The humanization of e-commerce should not be seen as an insignificant or superfluous principle. On the contrary, it should be considered a key and indispensable part of your online marketing and sales strategy. Indeed in the larger picture it can be viewed as the future of all retail itself. This is because of the simple fact that shoppers respond better to actual human interactions than they do to cold lifeless algorithms. And it’s becoming more evident daily, that real human connections are just as relevant to online retail as they have always been to traditional brick and mortar retail. With all this in mind maybe it is time to consider humanizing your e-commerce. But how to begin? The best way forward is to choose a single comprehensive approach for all your e-commerce processes. In these times of mass online sales where the shopping experience can be anonymous, cold and unguided, make your brand stand apart by giving your customers the human experience they truly long for.

2. Build a seamless bridge from entry to checkout

Incorporating the relevant content of micro-influencers into your e-store not only creates smoother conversions, but it does so by producing more relevant and personal — even inspiring — human experiences for your visitors. Whether you are a retailer, an e-commerce business or an online service, strive to build strong and clear connections with your customers that start in the acquisition channels and end on the product’s checkout page. Remember that human interaction helps to increase brand awareness, loyalty and reputation on a level that bots and algorithms simply cannot achieve.

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3. Let micro-influencer sell your products

Establishing real conversations between your brand and your customers through micro-influencers allows them do the selling for you. Micro-Influencers have smaller numbers of followers than “celebrity influencers”, but their followers pay closer attention to their content due to the focused and niche nature of the content itself. Micro-influencers build a close relationship with their audiences. Their audiences, in turn, place more trust in them when it comes to making purchasing decisions with their hard earned money. Moreover, this deeper trust generates more meaningful conversations and interactions resulting in a higher level of loyalty.

4. Use custom user flows for cross- and up-selling

Don’t just try to cross or up-sell based on what your customers has put into their carts That’s the old way of increasing sales at the checkout. Instead, use machine learning to recommend the right products based on the customers previous online behavior and interaction. Show relevant cross and up-sell products based on the users’ self assessment. Push key products and create higher visibility for products that matter the most to your clients.

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5. Built strong relationships and deliver happiness

Make conversions that result in customer retention rather than just getting that one checkout. By building strong relationships and transforming micro-influencer into your brands' salesforce you can uncover the power of trust and engagement for greater retention and lifetime value. An appreciative and satisfied customer is more likely to return than someone who was simply treated like a number to convert into a sale. By delivering happiness through humanizing e-commerce we strongly believe that good results will follow. We also believe that building worthwhile relationships can only occur through meaningful interactions between real people — so what are you waiting for?

Start humanizing your e-commerce today!

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