Micro Influencers. Who are they and why you should work with them



The term Micro Influencers is becoming increasingly popular, and for the right reasons. As social media evolves, it is becoming more clear how misleading it is to just look at the number of followers.  There are a lot more factors that play into the Influencer Marketing game that might make you want to work with smaller influencers.

It is difficult to agree on the precise meaning of micro-influencers, but this is my description:

Micro Influencers have from one thousand to 10 thousand followers that pay attention to their content.

The most distinctive feature of a micro influencer is the closer relationship with their audience. This is extremely important because, for an influencer marketing campaign to work, people need to trust (or at least take into consideration) what the person says.

5 Advantages of smaller influencers

The question that arises is why promoting to a small number of people if it is possible to find influencers with millions and millions of followers. Here are a few advantages micro influencers have over their more famous colleagues:

1. Better engagement rate

This is the most common argument to showcase the potential of micro-influencers, and for a good reason: people with a smaller audience tend to have a higher engagement.

What does it mean? It means that when someone with millions of followers posts something, the percentage of people that are actively interacting with the content is much lower than when posting is someone with 10,000 followers. Obviously, the total number of likes will be higher in the first case, but will also be higher the number of followers that you are paying for but that are not seeing your product.

2. More credible

People relate more with a small influencer rather than with a celebrity. For this reason, what is said by a micro influencer has a greater impact on the audience.  The value of your product and the problems it solves will be more clear.

3. Lower costs

Obviously, micro influencers have a lower cost than their more famous colleagues! It is impossible to give a precise estimation of how much you will need to pay for promotion because there are too many variables.  As a rule of thumb, I can only say that an influencer will less than 10K followers is not likely to ask more than 500€ for an Instagram post.

4. Easier to reach

Famous online personalities are flooded with requests every day. This translates into longer negotiations and, especially, longer waiting times to see your before product promoted within their channels. Micro influencers, on the other hand, are faster and more agile when it comes to content creation and distribution.

5. More involved

Normally, a Micro Influencer does not work with more than 10 companies in one year. This translates into greater care for the content they produce for each marketing campaign. Furthermore, the public is more receptive if the sponsorship comes from a person who does not usually advertise products. Would you trust people who do nothing but promote one company after another? This adds up to create a more trustworthy and curated ad that will convert better.

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