Top 5 Social Selling Trends for 2020

It can never be too early to discuss new formats, challenges and ways of engaging customers to make 2020 an exciting time ahead to work with social selling in e-commerce. Here's our roadmap for navigating and thriving your business through the latest trends in social selling.  Read more

5 Tips to increase your online sales by humanizing your e-commerce website

What does it mean to "Humanize" your website? Why is it not a just a nice-to-have anymore, but it is becoming a necessity for online businesses? Customers behaviours are shifting tremendously and a poor user experience on your e-commerce store is not acceptable anymore. Read more

Why Influencer Marketing becomes Influencer Sales

The next evolutionary stage of ecommerce requires actual human participation to match the customers needs and demands online and exactly where it matters the most — in your brand's shop. Therefore, the natural evolution of Influencer Marketing that becomes Influencer Sales! Read more

Micro Influencers. Who are they and why you should work with them

As social media evolves, it is becoming more clear how misleading it is to just look at the number of followers.  There are a lot more factors that play into the Influencer Marketing game that might make you want to work with smaller influencers. Read more

How to convert Customers into Promoters

Word of mouth generated by satisfied customers, spreading their enthusiasm and recommendations, is undoubtedly the best publicity, therefore that is what we must focus on. Consumers are far more inclined to trust the direct experience of people we know than the self-referential advertising that the brand broadly conveys. Read more

The importance of early product traction

Why do startups fail? Many companies fail because they do not think about how to generate traction. In this article, you can find an overview of the steps you can take to make sure your company keeps growing! Read more