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Frekkls lets you create a tailored and conversational user experience (CUX) on your site. By establishing real-time human connections with your customers Frekkls boosts conversion rates. Get deep emotional insights into your users’ behaviour and implement guided flows from arrival to checkout.

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Offer guidance around the clock

Scale your expert customer service by being able to guide users through your website 24/7 with our self Assessment and Scripted Chat features!

From website arrival all the way to checkout

One Seamless Customer Journey


Direct the user’s journey

Frekkls helps you to create personal and inspiring experiences for your site visitors. Whether you are a retailer, eCommerce business or online service company, we have a solution to help you build stronger and clear connections with your customers.

  • Organic

  • Personal

  • Explanatory Content

  • In depth Assessment

  • Custom Product Suggestions

  • Up & Cross-Selling

  • From external sites and ads all the way to checkout

    Build a bridge to your store

    AD / Social Media Link

    Build a bridge between external sites and your store

    Lead your customers to specifically advertised products with personalized URLs linked to unique content created with our tool to create a smooth transition between external sites, lead generations and your product.

  • AD / Social Media Link

  • Personal

  • Explanatory

  • Segmented

  • Up & Cross

  • User

  • One Smooth Flow

    Configure your customers user journey from ad link arrival all the way to the checkout.

    A/B Testing 2.0

    Combine content placement testing with advert placement testing

    Improved Sales Process

    Understand what your customer wants, categorize and act on it!

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