Turn Socials into Sellers.

Integrate people and their content as sellers directly into your shop.

What you get

What you get

Let over 100.000 influencers become your personal salesforce, perfectly matched with your products and values of your brand. Get the most out of their reach and expertise and humanize your online sales in seconds with real people.

What you get

Sales Technology

Integrate sellers and their content directly into your webshop with our smart and easy to use tool and seamlessly bridge their social traffic with your shop to boost your conversions and sales for any kind of products and businesses.

How it works

A seamless shopping experience starts here.

Provide an inspiring user journey from the website entry all the way to the checkout.

Future of e-commerce

Next Generation Sales Channel.

Learn how we turn Influencer Marketing into Influencer Sales.

Customized to your needs

Just the tool
From 99€/month
Based on monthly traffic
  • Frekkls plugin on your site

  • Admin Panel Access

  • Unlimited Flows

  • Data Insights

Boost your sales by showing user generated content of your fans, customers and employees.
Seller service
10% — 20%
  • Content created by sellers

  • As much traffic as you want

  • Unlimited access to sellers

  • Performance based sales commissions only

Unleash the full salesforce potential by integrating content created by our sellers, influencers and sales experts.