Humanize your eCommerce with our Frekkls Smart Assistant.

Increase your conversion rate. Supply excellent online sales service. Our sales tech plugin does it all for you on your website by integrating AI and human expertise. Let's start a conversation on how to level up your online business. 💬

Build seamless bridges ➡️ from entry to checkout

Get the best return on money spent on marketing, online ads and social media campaigns to bring customers to your site. You need to show your customers around once they arrive in your store! Frekkls allows you to script their journey from the first contact all the way to a happy checkout.

Take your eCommerce to the next level

We create a bridge between offline and online shopping

Answer questions
 before they come up

Answering questions from all your customers in real-time with live chat solutions is not possible at scale. Frekkls’s Scripted Chat functionality allows you to answer questions before they even come up, creating a chatty shopping experience that assists your customer along the journey to checkout.

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  • Conversational UX
  • User Journey
  • Human Connection
  • Customer Guidance
  • Make ads hyper effective

    Dynamically match your website’s appearance with the right target

    Match your online ad campaigns with the right content on your site! Configure the content to be different based on with which link your user is arriving at your store. Adjust the user experience based on Ad metrics and start making smart data based decisions.

    One Smooth Flow

    Personalise your customers user journey from ad link all the way to the checkout.

    A/B Testing 2.0

    Test which ads give the best results and which content on your site drives the best conversion!

    Revolutionary Sales Process

    Get real-time insights on your customer, and act on them online!


    Conversion rate & the power of knowing your customers

    A look at the value of knowing your customer in the evolving eCommerce sales environment

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